Remote Shutdown Freeware 1.4

Imagen Remote Shutdown Freeware 1.4
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    Windows 2000

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    January 05, 2021

  • "Remotely shuts down computers connected to the local network"

All computers that are part of the same local network can be remotely shut down by means of Remote Shutdown, a software that shows you those PCs that are still open and allows you to program their shutdown. Before this action takes place, you have the possibility of activating the presence of a text message that will be displayed on each other's computers to warn of the imminent shutdown.

Whatever the number of PCs connected to the same LAN it is possible to turn them off manually or automatically if you choose to program the time at which this operation will be carried out. In both cases you can customize the message that will appear on the monitors just before the computers are turned off.

Shutting down the local network PCs remotely is more than simple as Remote Shutdown displays all the computers in a list with their respective names.

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